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California has very few oxygen bars and those that are in operation are generally committed to a fixed location.  Oxygen Party Bar is the leading mobile oxygen bar rental service.  Founded in 2004, we are the oldest mobile oxygen bar business in the Southwest and have the experience to make your event the biggest success ever.

Oxygen Party Bar rental business is growing with multiple oxygen party bars for rent and a fleet of delivery trucks to meet your party rental needs.

Benefits of

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The picture of the oxygen party bar rental shown left was used by the 2004 Sugar Bowl Committee for a private reception.  The oxygen bar was an open oxygen bar rental for all in attendance.

Why have an Oxygen Bar?

Oxygen Party Bar rentals are where bottled water was 20 years ago.  Today every event planner wants to put one in their event.  Tomorrow every public building will be required to have an oxygen party bar.




Oxygen Party Bar is located in Los Alamitos and rents oxygen party bars to organizations that want something different for their event.  We work with event planners to provide oxygen party bar rentals from San Diego north into Central California and east into Arizona and Nevada.  We provide mobile oxygen party bars for private parties.  You can employ an oxygen party bar for your special event, trade show, concert or special birthday party.  You can also find oxygen party bars at street fairs, festivals and public events.  You can see where Oxygen Party Bar will be next by viewing our online schedule

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