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Why an Oxygen Party Bar?

When you host a group of business people for a two day event, you feel obligated to entertain them.  With an Oxygen Party Bar  you can have them at their best the next morning because an oxygen party bar was available.  Treating your guests to oxygen before and during the party will reduce the after effects of alcohol.  Or, the next morning, those that do not feel well will be rejuvenated with an oxygen session allowing them to be at the top of their game and get the most from you business  presentation.

The Oxygen Party Bar session increases the oxygen level in the blood and delivers oxygen to every cell in the body.  This increased oxygen level makes one feel good and is called an euphoric high, similar to a runners high.  It is clear headed and improves the alertness and concentration level of your guests.  All effects of alcohol are eliminated with a 5 minute oxygen session.

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Oxygen Party Bar is the largest mobile oxygen bar dealer on the West Coast with several bars and delivery trucks to meet your needs.  We provide the highest quality oxygen bars available in the industry.

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