How Oxygen Party Bars Work

Oxygen Party Bars are aromatherapy devices consisting of an oxygen generator, an oxy/aroma delivery station also called an infuser, and tubing leading to a nose cannula.  The oxygen generators supply oxygen on demand and there is no oxygen storage tank or high pressure cylinders.  The generator provides about 90% oxygen and the oxygen is directed through the oxygen aroma station (infuser) to give the oxygen an aroma.  When the oxygen leaves the infuser, there is about 85% oxygen delivered to the nose cannula.


When party goers receive oxygen, the higher concentration of oxygen gets into the blood system and delivers higher levels of oxygen to every muscle, joint, and cell in the body.  The higher level of oxygen invigorates every cell and gives the party goers a euphoric feeling, similar to a runner's high, with a burst of energy that can last up to an hour or longer.  Oxygen is a natural remedy for headaches, hangovers, migraines, stress, fatigue or exhaustion, cramps and minor pain.  Oxygen makes one more alert and improves awareness and when partying too hard.  Read about the benefits of oxygen

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