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Add additional revenue to your current business

Island Bar with 1 Bubble Window

Back side

An Oxygen Party Bar can add a breath of fresh air to your existing business, or help you launch an extremely lucrative new business.

Oxygen bars are fantastic additions to many different businesses--including Nightclubs, Tanning Salons, Health Spas, Health Clubs, Casinos, Hotels, Juice Bars, Coffee Bars, Airports, Shopping Malls, Theme Parks and Street Fairs.

There are 4 different options for your business

  • The Island Bar with 1 indirectly lit bubble wall
  • The Mirage Bar with 3 bubble walls
  • The Paradise Bar with 4 bubble walls
  • Equipment package to make your own bar.

In many locations, the bartender earns tips by giving back rubs with our special massage tools.  The girls can also earn commissions from selling products.

An important advantage - when your customer is enjoying the oxygen, you have a captive audience listening to your
sales pitch (Wana buy a Timeshare?) while in a relaxed euphoric state.

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Oxygen Party Bar is the West Coast Distributor for Oasis Oxygen Bar Products.

For information on purchasing an Oxygen Party Bar for your business, contact Herb Halling

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