Something Every Event Planner Should Know!

Every industry has its bad apples and we are embarrassed to admit it, but Oxygen Bars have theirs also.

There is an oxygen bar firm that claims they can serve 12 people at one time from their equipment.  They claim they are providing 75% oxygen at 12 liters per minute.  That equates to about 1 liter per person at 6.25% oxygen - something is wrong! 

Unbeknown to the operator, secret tests were run on their equipment at the Los Angeles Bizbash Event Style Show June 27th, 2007.  The tests indicated the amount of oxygen provided was actually less than what was present in the room.  Their oxygen line measured 18.5% oxygen while the room measured 19.9% oxygen.  The normal oxygen levels in the atmosphere at sea level is normally 21% oxygen.  The difference between their measured output, and the room oxygen level is a result of consuming some oxygen in their system.  

Observations of the equipment behind the bar showed two small air pumps and not the oxygen concentrators they promote on their web sites.  What they were actually doing is pumping 12 liters of room air and calling it oxygen.  They were not serving oxygen.  And they ask $1900 for an event.  They are guilty of false advertising and every event planner should use caution when employing an oxygen bar that claims to serve 12 people at once.  We will not give their name, but prey they will read this and change the way they do business and start using oxygen concentrators.  Just beware of 12 station bars using beakers of colored water.

Most oxygen bar operators are reputable people and do not claim to serve 12 people at once from a single bar.  It is difficult to serve more than 2 people from one concentrator unless their equipment is enormously large.  There are reputable oxygen bars with 8 and 12 stations, but they are using 4 or 6 oxygen concentrators and are reputable businesses.  However they are generally not mobile oxygen bars available for your events.

At Oxygen Party Bar we employ bars and equipment manufactured by Oasis Oxygen Bars and Oxygen Concentrators manufactured by Airsep Corporation.  Our Airsep equipment is rated at 95% maximum (by law) and we claim to serve 80% to 90% oxygen,  but if there are two users are one time, the percentage can drop down to about 75% oxygen.

We invite all event planners to ask to see our oxygen concentrators.  We use two oxygen concentrators for each bar and can serve 4 people at one time.  In order to serve more people at one time we have to add more oxygen concentrators.  Each oxygen concentrator is set to provide about 3 liters of oxygen to each of two oxygen dispensers on top of the bar.  Below is a picture of one of our oxygen concentrators and they stand about 27 inches tall and are on wheels.  Each concentrator weighs about 35 lbs and contain 2 large cylinders for filtering out the nitrogen from the air and providing a concentrated flow of oxygen.  There is a flow meter on the front that regulates the amount of oxygen desired.


The Oasis bars we employ have 4 oxygen dispensers on top that serves oxygen to 4 different people at once.  Each oxygen dispenser is able to provide 4 different aromas by bubbling the oxygen through an aroma flavored water.  Below, inside the bar are 2 oxygen concentrators.  Each oxygen concentrator provides about 3 liters of oxygen to each of two oxygen dispensers above.

If you need technical support for setting up an oxygen bar at your event, call

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