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Hire an oxygen bar for your party

We have oxygen Bars for rent, and oxygen bars for sale, and oxygen bars for your business.  The oxygen bar shown was used by the 2004 Sugar Bowl Committee for a private reception.  The oxygen bar was an open oxygen bar for all in attendance.

Why have an Oxygen Bar?

We can help get you started in your own oxygen bar business or add an oxygen bar to your existing business.  Or rent an oxygen bar for your event.

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Oxygen Party Bar

Oxygen Party Bar is located in Southern California and markets oxygen bars to businesses that want additional income from an oxygen bar.  We also provide oxygen bars for private parties.  You can employ an oxygen bar at your special event, trade show, or concert.  You can also find oxygen bars at Street and County Fairs.


For information on Oxygen Bars contact Herb Halling
call us at (562) 594-8265, afternoons and evenings

If you have been to Las Vegas and seen the explosion in oxygen bars and want to open the first oxygen bar in your neighborhood, call Herb and let him explain the oxygen bar pros and cons of operating your oxygen bar.  He will help you evaluate where you want to open an oxygen bar and give you some pointers on how to double your income from your oxygen bar.  Oxygen bars may be one of the largest growth business of the next 10 years as more people become aware of the benefits of oxygen, oxygen bars, and aroma scented oxygen. 





























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